That"s right club members and Porsche fans, we are going to drill back into time and take a narrow core sample out of early 1960s history. Back to the days of fun in sun on California beaches, before 70 million people lived in that beautiful state. Back to the days of big waves, big surf boards, big guitars, big hair, big muscles and big bikinis full of big ones. (that were the real!) Back to the days of Annett F. and Frankie A., G and Moondoggie, hormone overloaded, emotional breakups, jealosy and renewed love. This may be bit of overhype for a backyard pool party in Kansas in 2015 but like most things it's what you make it. Soooooo.... bring your oldest Porsche, your youngest attitude, your biggest hair, proper 1960s beach attire and an open mind. Cathy and I have some simple but fun games planned. We will provide the Gidget Burgers, Moondoggie dogs,(sprinkled with sand) buns, sticks and plates, beer and pop. Also on tap is a healthy dose of big guitar and beach music from the era, a beach bond fire and romantic moode lighting. As always bring your own special drinks, a side dish for a beach cook out and a 1960s attitude. Ocean opens at 3:00, dinner at 6 followed by the big show. PLEASE FIND DIRECTIONS TO THE 'BEACH' AT MORRIS'S POINT IN YOUR EMIAL. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS 2015 TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT ALLOW TWO PICTURES IN THIS SPACE. SO, USE THIS PHOTO FOR PARKING, BEACH LOCATION AND MOST OF ALL THE LIMBO PIT! Look forward to seeing you all at the beach!

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Scott Orr

Scott has been a sports car enthusiast virtually all of his life. Both of his first two cars which he owned in high school were British sports cars, one of […]

Julie at Road Atlanta


Julie and Chester both race 944s in the SPEC 944 Class in PCA Club Racing. They are the “Racy Dog Racing” team. Chester has been club racing since 1994 with […]



  Ken’s car is a 2014 Cayman S his hobby: PCA High Performance Driving Instructor. Some of his track experience is at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Hallett Ok. (home track), Heartland […]

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